Visualize and quantify your exposures to risk with our innovative and versatile platform - ImpactOnDemand


ImpactOnDemand® is a highly innovative and versatile platform that enables clients to visualize and quantify their exposures to risk, in addition to performing sophisticated, detailed data analysis to drive insightful business decisions.

ImpactOnDemand assists clients in global individual risk mapping, pre-binding underwriting analysis, risk driver analysis, claims planning and preparedness, post-catastrophe analysis, identifying exposure accumulations around terrorist targets, and a host of other functions.

The ImpactOnDemand Advantage

  • Global risk analysis. ImpactOnDemand enables users to view and track exposures worldwide by providing global mapping capabilities and portfolio analysis as well as up-to-date information on catastrophes including earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, tornado and hail events, volcanic eruptions, and other ad hoc events.
  • Quick, powerful, flexible platform. Map 500,000 risk locations in less than five seconds from your web browser with absolutely no installation or data storage needed. There is no limit on the number of locations that can be uploaded, viewed and analyzed.
  • Flexible data analysis reporting capabilities. Data analysis and reporting is handled via an easy-to-use pivot table interface allowing users to dynamically interact with their data to build and deliver reports instantaneously. Insightful, pre-designed report views are available for quick and easy analysis.
  • Load and access new data on demand. Clients are able to upload and access new exposure or claims datasets at any time to analyze current information when managing a catastrophe or monitoring portfolio growth.

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